Perfect Time to Go to Portland by Melinda Granhold

Laid-back, hip, and amicable, Oregon’s biggest city is everything that you have heard it is thus substantially more. Encompassed by the shocking landscape of the Pacific Northwest and home to the trendiest spots in the nation, Portland is the place to be.

From nippy Christmas festivities to mild summer evenings at the recreation center, it is dependably an incredible time to visit Portland– it just relies on upon your interests!


  • New Year’s Eve
  • Chinese New Year


  • Portland International Film Festival
  • Portland Jazz Festival
  • Oregon Seafood and Wine Festival


  • Portland Saturday Market
  • Saint Patrick’s Day
  • Portland Dining Month


  • Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival
  • Spring Beer & Wine Fest


  • Memorial Weekend in Wine Country
  • Portland Rose Festival


  • Oregon Zoo Summer Concerts


  • Waterfront Blues Festival


  • Portland Marathon
  • Haunted houses


  • Christmas light displays
  • Holiday Ale Fest

Visit     to know more.

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